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A SQuIDS (Select a Quotation, Identify, and Discuss the Significance) is a writing exercise designed to develop textual analysis skills that I use often in my classes. I do not know the origin of the exercise, but I learned it from the inimitable Walker Zeiser at The Millbrook School.

Neuroethics Media Project

Kristina Gupta and I developed this exercise as part of our course Feminism, Sexuality and Neuroethics. The project is designed to give students experience presenting scientific data to a non-specialist public and reporting on scientific data as journalists or other members of the media.

Courses I have designed and taught:

Intro to Women’s Studies, Spring 2010

Intro to Women’s Studies, Fall 2010

Feminism, Sexuality, and Neuroethics, Spring 2012– with Kristina Gupta

Sex Crimes, Sex Panics, Spring 2014

Tinkering in Feminist Technoscience, Spring 2017