Playing with Robots

We are going to use MakeCode to program a Circuit Playground Express (CPX) and a Crickit

Getting Started with MakeCode

Go to

Open a New Project

In the middle of the screen, you should see a line of colorful rectangles. The bottom one is black and says “ADVANCED.” Click that to open up more rectangles.

Now go all the way down to the bottom again and click on the grey rectangle that says “EXTENSIONS.” A new window will pop up with a bunch of images.

Click on the picture of the Crickit – its the only extension that isn’t an illustration!

Now you should be back on the main page, and your extended menu will include the important Crickit extension.

Some Sample Code

Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Circling Robot


Get your robot from one side of the room to the other

Identify your robot at the end

Use only code!