Shifting Bodies: an Inform game where the player must change their embodiment between human, cyborg and gynoid in order to solve puzzles.

Agency: an Inform game where the player can choose to perform famous Shakespearean scenes featuring female characters – Ophelia, Lady MacBeth, Juliet – and opt to change the endings.

Choice: an Inform game in which one plays as a woman who finds out she is pregnant and must navigate her various options.

Wave: an Inform game in which the player explores feminist theory, encountering various figures on a surrealist beach landscape.

Jewelbot Cyborg: a Jewelbot-based “Pomodoro” time management tool- a wristwatch that alerts the wearer, via vibration and light, as to when certain amounts of time have passed.

Lie Detector 2(1)
Lie Detector

Lie Detector: an Arduino-based sensor that reacts to body temperature and graphs in real time.

Mini Sound Visualizer: an Arduino-based project that reacts to sound by lighting up an LED grid.

Pi Radio: a Raspberry Pi-based radio receiver.

SoundBot: an Arduino-based “robot” that turns its “head” towards you when you speak to it.

Alert Bracelet: an Arduino-based, gender-neutral, Bluetooth accessory that allows the wearer to (discreetly) notify friends if they felt they were in a dangerous situation.

True North Hat: a Flora-based wearable project that lights up to indicate the wearer is walking north.

Coral Lamp: a Gemma-based art project. A 3D printed translucent sphere containing programmable LEDs.

The Cliteracy Project: a Raspberry Pi based interactive art installation consisting of a model of a vulva made of conductive fabric and thread. Touching various parts of the tapestry produced recordings describing the anatomical structure.

Not Gay as in Happy: a Gemma-based interactive art installation consisting of fabric in an embroidery hoop, with the motto “Not Gay as in Happy but Queer as in F—Y–” sewn in a combination of colorful thread and flashing LEDs.

Gas Mask for the Future: a Gemma-based wearable art piece with decorative programmable LEDs. The creator asks us to imagine a future in which pollution is so common, and gas masks are so ubiquitous, that we create fancy designer masks.

Indict: a Trinket-based wearable accessory that allows the user to discreetly photograph a person who has threatened them and upload the geotagged photo, designed specifically to address public sexual harassment or catcalling.

Dog Jacket: a Flora-based wearable pet accessory consisting of a series of LEDs.

Dog Collar: a Gemma-based wearable pet accessory consisting of a series of LEDs.

Prototype of D20

D20: a Trinket-based light up twenty-sided die, where instead of rolling, the player presses a button and one of 20 lights lights up randomly.